Wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz tours

Poland is a perfect place where you can spend your summer holidays. It is an excellent place for few day trips as well as one day trips. Poland is well-known of its monuments and historical places. Most of recommended places to visit are located in the south part of Poland. Some of the most important places are: wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz tours. Wieliczka salt mine is located in Wieliczka, about thirteen kilometres from Cracow city centre. It will take about twenty minutes to get there from Cracow. You can choose few types of tours in the salt mine. Those are: Tourist route, miners’ route, pilgrims’ route, the route called “The mine for grownups and little ones”, group adventure and mysteries of the Wieliczka mine trip. As you can see the Wieliczka Salt Mine offers more than you can expect. What is more, you can spend underground more than two hours of touring – you can stay there overnight. The salt mine provides two possibilities of accommodation underground. The first one is Słowacki’s Chamber and the second one is Easter Mountains’ Stable Chamber. Słowacki’s Chamber is located 125 metres underground. It is a modern accommodation which will satisfy the most demanding customers. What is more, the unique microclimate and atmosphere will make the stay more pleasant.

The second place is Eastern Mountains’ Stable and it is situated ten metres lower than Słowacki’s Chamber. It used to be a stable for horses, but now it is a modern place to stay in overnight and relax. In the Wieliczka Salt mine you can also organize conferences, business meetings, weddings and many other events. Another place worth visiting in Małopolska region is Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a concentration camp located in Oświecim (Auschwitz in German) about 70 kilometres from Cracow. You can easily get there from Cracow within one hour. Auschwitz tours are for people who want to learn more about Polish history concerned The Second World War. Poland is a wonderful place to visit so if you have an opportunity to come here do not hesitate and come.