Netherlands are famous for liberal lifestyle, bikes, canals and tulips. Amsterdam, the capitol, is very popular tourist destination. If you prefer active holidays instead of lazy sunbaths, it is the best place for you. And doesn’t matter if you are teenager, adult or old man, everyone will find something for themselves here.Controversial Some people visit the city because of controversial reason. Younger tourist are tempted by legal marijuana industry, even now, when selling drugs to foreigners was forbidden by Dutch parliament. Another taboo is red light district, place full of brothels, sex shops and erotic museums. Also it is known for half – naked women, from all around the world, standing in red-lighted windows, offering striptease.


There are 160 waterways in Amsterdam, it was named “Venice of the north” because of that. Canals was build by merchants to simplify transport of products. Nowadays you can go for a cruise on canalbus, and have a tour all around the city. If you suffer from seasickness, all is not lost yet. There are plenty of bridges above ducts, so you can admire beautiful view from the top.


Capitol of Netherlands is heaven on earth for cyclists. Most residents prefer this method of transportation, because of health (see cichon centre krakow poland) and environment reasons. If your are enthusiast of cycling, there is no place you would rather be. Amsterdam is well-adjusted for bikes, there are a lot of bike paths all over the city. There is no problem if you don’t have vehicle for your own – you can hire it for a song, from rental company.


There are couple museums located on Museumplein, place perfect for art lovers. In Rijksmuseum you will see paintings of all important Dutch artists – Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, Helst and so on. There is also gallery dedicated to Van Gogh, who use to lived in Amsterdam for short period of time. Modern art fans should visit Stedelijsk Museum, and people interested in world war II history, can stop by in Ann Frank house.


In Amsterdam are plenty of restaurant, bars and pubs open all night long, and most of them offers traditional Dutch food. You should try : bitterballen – deep fried meatballs served with mustard sauce; stroopwafel – two thin waffles with sweet syrup in between; and last but not least – thick Dutch fries with peanut patay sauce.

Amsterdam is charming city with a lot of tourist attractions. Perfect time for visit is summer – then weather is the best – not to hot, not to cold, perfect for bike cruise around town.