When I was a kid I didn’t do many activities together with my family. Definitely, I was interested in spending with my parents as much time as possible. I am sure that every kid wants that. However my mom and dad usually seemed to be too busy for that. And even in the moments when they had some time, we never do anything nice.

You might be

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wondering what exactly I mean by something special. In fact, I will share with you examples of sharing activities which I still can recall. E.g., I remember that we very often were watching television. Actually I believe that when we were spending time together it was also mostly boring activities as e.g. visiting our aunts or uncles. You can possibly admit that it is not something special, is it? Thus now, when I am an adult person, I cannot to recall many nice situations that I shared with my family as a kid. Apparently, there were a lot of nice moments like Christmas and so forth. But this not what I was hoping for.Nonetheless, it is still not those moments that were created by the familu in purpose. I promised myself that if I would ever have my own family, situation will be completely different. Time was passing by and 15 years ago I started my own family with the most amazing guy in the world. At this moment, I have 2 amazing kids.

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And I always do my best to keep the promise I gave myself when I was still a child. I make sure my family not only spend together as much time as possible, but that we actually lve that time. In consequence, I make sure that this is not solely limited to visiting aunts or spending holidays. We do together that kind of staff, you would usually to with people you like.
For instance, last week we decided to do some bicycling as a family. Normal family would go to a mall, invest in bikes and go for cycling. But I did my best that the whole thing is awesome. Consequently, we decided to purchase something which is called custom fixie bike . While we were choosing and designing our own bicycles among all available ladies city bike and mens city bike, we had a lot of fun together ()! I believe my children will remember this day even when they will have their own families and children!