Nowadays, here are increasingly more businesses which are working on the online jobs. The organizations occasionally work for many users and employ lots of freelancers from various branches. Furthermore, some of those companies hire only few workers permanently and rest of the staff work when the company needs them, in the huge projects.

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The supervisors of those companies have to deal with each difficultly which happen during managing such a quantity of people. Progressively of them make a use of various software, including online time tracking. The applications helps them in working together with several of people and complete each job (see check the facts) punctually. Furthermore, some of the tool are presented for 100 % free, so the users do not must stress for extra expenses. The fundamental type is right for little businesses and for few freelancers who wish to cooperate together. For persons who are interesting about it: basic features of free version are:• Tracking moment – it is the fundamental feature of the tool – it determines the time which you devote to complete the offered task. You can click the ‘start’ key when you start the job and press ‘stop’ button when you complete or you can set it immediately. Then the time starts to count when you begin to work in some software.

• Unlimited quantity of tasks and customers – in the basic model you are able to start many quantity of different jobs and establish the information of any clients you desire. • Reports – the computer program gives you the technique to track the development you have created in creating of your jobs and gives you answers how much moment did you spend on the latest tasks. It is very helpful tool while planning your future task.

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• The ability of working in teams consisted up to 5 co-workers – the software was designed to help arranging the team work. In the fundamental version, there is a chance to work on the same task in the same moment, even thousands miles apart. It is a big innovation which allows to combine the team of only the best workers.