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Storm in Poland – as regular as summe...

July and August are joyful months for polish children when they check the date. With the end of June they begin the summer vacation. For their guardians it is lazy period too – they constantly take a break in their bussineses cause it is fine period to spend free time in Poland. There is only one uncertain thing – local climate.That mention [...]

Why are Auschwitz tours these days in...

Auschwitz is thought to be one of the most influential places related to the dramatic events of 20th century. Almost everybody knows that it was the place where probably one of the biggest genocides history has ever experienced took place. Continue reading “Why are Auschwitz tours these days increasingly often chosen among visitors [...]

Auschwitz tours – buy it and learn be...

History is one of the most attractive topics for a variety of people. It is implied by the fact that thanks to it we may better observe how did people evolve and check what hasn’t changed since the beginning of the mankind. Besides, there are a lot of dramatic stories that teach us that we are not recommended to stay passive in some cases. [...]

How to spend week in Copenhagen

How to spend week in Copenhagen
The capitol of Denmark is very enjoyable place during summer holidays. The weather is warm, but not hot – perfect for those, who prefer spending their time in an active way. There are plenty of tourist attractions – museums, art galleries, amusement parks, restaurants and pubs. Everybody will find something for themselves. Continue reading [...]

The fastest ways to see from location...

In today’s world, travelling by airplane is the fastest method of getting from 1 city to another. Moreover, sometimes the journey by airplane does not have to mean investing a lot of cash. On the Net are available many websites where the holidaymakers are able to purchase plane tickets for flights from warsaw to chisinau or other plac [...]

Auschwitz-Birkenau tours as the most ...

Auschwitz is a name almost everybody, who has been learning history for example in the school, ought to know. It is so, because this place is considered to be referred to one of the biggest tragedies the mankind has ever experienced. There, in Oswiecim in the southern part of Poland more than one million of people, first of all, Jews, died [...]

Summer in Amsterdam

Summer in Amsterdam
Netherlands are famous for liberal lifestyle, bikes, canals and tulips. Amsterdam, the capitol, is very popular tourist destination. If you prefer active holidays instead of lazy sunbaths, it is the best place for you. And doesn’t matter if you are teenager, adult or old man, everyone will find something for themselves here. Continue r [...]

Best of Beijing

Best of Beijing
Beijing – the capital of China, is a huge city, both in terms of space occupied and population. If you are planning sightseeing, you should take into consideration that the distance between of the major monuments are quite big. The good news is that the metro network, consisting of 15 lines, so it is quite easy to get from one place to [...]

Improving amount of people who would ...

Increasing amount of people who would like to visit foreign countries as one of the most influential trends referred to tourism. Increasing amount of people who would like to visit foreign countries as one of the most important trends related to tourism. Continue reading “Improving amount of people who would like to visit foreign cou [...]

Explore the dual nature of Belarusian...

Explore the dual nature of Belarusian capital
Belarus is not as attractive tourist country, like for example the neighboring Ukraine and Slovakia.There are no mountains, sea, or city of this class, which Lviv and Budapest. What is more, there are a visa and a number of restrictions for foreigners. Despite this you should think about a trip to Minsk. It is impossible to know and understa [...]