Last year I was living for a few months in London. Eventually, due to different reasons, made a decision to return to my family town. I was convinced that when I’m back I was going to find my town exactly as I left it. Nonetheless, I was so wrong. Despite the fact that nothing serious has happened there and everything was the same at first glance, I noticed a few minor changes.


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Firstly, custom bicycles became really fashionable.

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Almost all of my colleagues were talking about where and how you could design your own bike. During the day you could see lots of people who were commuting to work on their bicycles. I have to say that I really enjoyed this change, as I always was see my city as extremely lazy. Presently, Because of the fact that having custom single speed bikes became to be so popular, most of my colleagues as well as family members stopped to use cars and started using their own bikes, more information here. I don’t even need to mention how positive effect it has on environment. As a result of this, my town will be even more beautiful.

Second, I have seen that many men and women buy coffee to take away. I might see many young guys with cups with hot drinks on the street. I know that, it is not so great for environment as this paper and plastic cups were possibly disposable. On the other hand, I considered it as a good news as this meant that men and ladies in my town were getting richer. Why do I believe in that? If you are rather poor, you just can’t afford invest in coffee to take away. Instead of that you would rather have them at home or have with you your own coffee in thermos.

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What’s more, I have realized that people were nicer. They were smiling to each other on the street, discussing with each other on train etc.. When I asked somebody about something, an answer was always extremely polite. That weird women who works at the bank started to be much happier than before. She even started to smile. Nonetheless, I have to admit something. I really don’t know if all these small things have really changed, or if I was homesick so badly, that nowadays I see this in much more positive light.